EMPOWER waste collectors.

Panaji is the capital of Goa, a dense development with a mix of old and new settlement lining the banks of the Mandovi river. This is a city that pioneered the method of waste segregation more than 15 years ago while others had still not come to terms with the garbage crisis.


Tourism and lack of space are the biggest factors that inform the waste management logistics, and participants were taken through a first-hand experience of these issues courtesy the Corporation of the City of Panaji.


The immense complexity of the task at hand was an eye-opener, as well as the unique approach of being a ‘public-bin free’ city, with the door-to-door collection, sorting centres and sweeping of streets keeping streets litter-free.


Participants identified certain need gap areas after spending time visiting sites and observing the systems, their diverse backgrounds enabling selection of unique problem areas for action.


Several solutions emerged which serve as a brief for any ensuing projects, all fitting broadly into two themes.

#EMPOWER and build #OWNERSHIP in the waste collectors, allowing opportunities for social mobility.

#ENGAGEMENT with public and generation of AWARENESS of waste management practices.


Reboni Saha

Co-founder of Mozaic

Avik Sarkar

Co-Founder of Ethos

This festival is an initiative of Kokum, a not-for-profit design trust based in Goa, India.

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