When architecture considers birds as equal stakeholders and users of spaces.

The Green Building movement that started in the 1970s has evolved extensively with numerous certifications. Still, today, the criteria for biodiversity conservation has been marginally addressed.


The idea is to consider bird conservation and architecture as one, especially in the light of the habitat loss that each new construction brings with it.


To understand how it feels to touch, feel, smell like a bird.

Then look at how they navigate and move through space.

Then spatially articulate the experience of being a bird.


Create a trail with interpretation point(s) to materialize this experience.


Use architecture as a platform to connect people with birds.

The Saker Falcon bird, for example, usually breeds in nests built by other species, either in trees, on cliffs or on human artefacts. By simply building a nesting site on their known routes and allowing them to nest as they naturally are inclined to do, we achieve success in active conservation.


This is a journey of empathy that anyone can take.


Priyanka Bista

Co-Founder of KTK-

BELT Project

Ganga Limbu

KTK-BELT research


This festival is an initiative of Kokum, a not-for-profit design trust based in Goa, India.

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