We tend to view the magnificent tapestry of Craft in exceedingly narrow terms.

As a domain in need of help.

As a means of livelihood.

As a dislocated artefact.

Or as a relic stuck in time.


With aSDF, we understand Craft and Craft process to be central to what makes us Human. Craft is a timeless activity, older and wiser than disciplines like Architecture and Design, with a lot more to offer in our current time of need.


Our workshop and interaction with the traditional weavers at Cotigao stressed the peaceful and meditative aspects of Craft, an artefact for personal use only, not for sale. This was the aspect of the Craft we chose to bring into our touch starved world. We began looking at craft as a means of therapy or meditation which increases focus, concentration, mindfulness and engagement with self while also providing a digital detox of sorts. Our first step into re-introducing this amazing craft into our lives would involve creating a series of Crafts Kits, that allow a beginner’s engagement and introduction into the magical world of Leaf weaving.


Future kits were envisioned to provide access to exploring different aspects of the Craft as well, with gradually ascending levels of complexity and narrative, creating a new set of weavers to personalise the tradition and expand its utility.


Ayaz Basrai

Co-Founder of The

Busride Lab

Poonam Verma

Conservation Architect

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