Maker culture and Makers communities are prevalent today as distinct subcultures and are thriving in pockets. Its predecessor, the Traditional Arts and Crafts Community need some reorientation. This workshop aims at celebrating Artisan spirit with new interactions in an inter-disciplinary environment.

What will you learn from this workshop?

The future of Craft workshop aims prepare its participants to traverse the incredible world of craft in a free inquiry, looking at Craft as a problem-solving tool, an essential component in rich and meaningful work, and as a cutting edge tool to deploy across diverse domains like Medical science, Engineering, Robotics, Film and Media. Craft redefined from the production of the artefact becomes an involved, nuanced, process-driven life-skill, that every participant will get a first-hand experience with.

Who can participate?

Applied Mechanics, Engineers, Programmers, Product Designers, Fashion Designers, Material science researchers, Textile and Fiber Engineers, Economists, Mathematicians, Artists, Industrial Designers, Architects, and emerging fields like Systems and Data thinkers. Workshop intake is 20 participants.





About the mentor:

Ayaz Basrai heads The Busride Lab based in Goa, which works with Heritage Conservation and Futures Research, at the intersection of Technology, Design and Art. It is the research arm of The Busride Design Studio, an independent design studio specialising in the design and creation of built environments, ranging from hospitality and entertainment to film and production environments, exhibitions, installations, institutional and architectural environments.

Poonam Verma is a Charles Wallace Fellow- P.G. from the University of York and has over 20 years of pan India work experience in building with alternative technologies, conservation and development of 22 government-owned Listed Heritage buildings at Jaipur- Amber as a consultant to Intach Jaipur and PANIKA. 


This festival is an initiative of Kokum, a not-for-profit design trust based in Goa, India.

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